Higher education for foreign students in Ukraine

What do we offer? European level of education in Ukrainian prices. Choose one of the universities here on the site or ask about any other university in Ukraine. We select for you the necessary specialization and establish communication with the university. We hand over your documents to the administration and send an official invitation to study in Ukraine. We meet and accompany students to the university. We solve questions regarding your stay in Ukraine. We provide foreign students with medical insurance. We inform you about the opening of new specializations for obtaining educational levels of bachelor and master.

Double diploma - Ukrainian and European. Training at the Preparatory Department in any of the universities. There is the possibility of learning in English.

Education at the Preparatory Department of the University lasts 6-9 months - here is the study of the state Ukrainian language. Education at the bachelor's level - 4 years, at the master's level - 1.5 years. On the specialization "Medicine" training in any case, 6 years to the master's level.
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Ukrainian Universities We Offer for Higher Education

Dnipro Institute of Medicine and Public Health

"Kiev Medical University" and the University of Alfred Nobel invite to a new medical institute in Ukraine. Foreign students are offered a Master's degree program in Medicine. The choice is to study in English or Ukrainian. Lectures are read by teachers from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro. Students receive a double diploma, one of which is international. Second-rate practice is held in Ukraine and European countries in private and public health facilities.

University of Pedagogical Ternopil, Ukraine

Ternopil State National Pedagogical University

Foreign citizens have the opportunity to get a Higher Education in this beloved Ukrainian students university located in a beautiful city in the west of the country. European quality teaching in one of the best universities in the country. Experienced teachers, active student life, careful attitude of staff, cooperation with European universities. There is an opportunity to study full-time, part-time and distance learning.

University of Chemical Technology Dnipro, Ukraine

Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology in Dnipro

A specialized multidisciplinary powerful state university, in which, since 1930, more than 60,000 specialists have been trained. Who wants to get the profession of a chemist, technologist, ecologist, programmer, or become a scientist and developer of new technologies, join the Chemical and Technological University for a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Here you can also continue training at the postgraduate or doctoral level.

University of Architecture and Construction of the Dnipro, Ukraine

Dnipro State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Dnipro

The Academy has a developed material base, which consists of two academic buildings, a research and development range, eight student dormitories, a sports complex with a swimming pool. Training of specialists, including foreign citizens, is carried out on the educational steps of the bachelor in 20 specialties, master’s in 17 specialties, PhD in 9 specialties.

University them A.Nobel Dnepr, Ukraine

University named after Alfred Nobel in Dnipro

The higher education institution trains specialists in economics, management, trade, linguistics and law for the business sector. According to the rating of Webometrics-2014, the university ranked first among private Ukrainian universities. The educational degree of the bachelor has 20 specializations, and the master’s degree – 18 Also here they get the title of Ph.D. in 4 specializations. Foreign students will be pleasantly surprised by the comfortable conditions of learning and living in dormitories.

University DIIT

Dnipro National University of Railway Transport behalf of academician V. Lazaryan

The university has a rich history of training highly qualified specialists: engineers, machine builders, programmers, experts in logistics and economics, the operation of various types of transport and so on. Graduates receive two diplomas – sample DNTC and a French university diploma. Great opportunities for physical education and sports provides a sports complex. Medical care for students makes outpatient clinic DIIT.

Інститут фінансів, Харків, Україна

Kharkov Institute of Finance

The organizational structure of the institute is represented by the faculty of accounting, management and international economics and the faculty of finance, which unite seven departments. This is a modern educational institution for the preparation of highly qualified specialists, to which foreign students show great interest. Classes are held in modern computer labs, laboratories and classrooms, equipped with everything necessary for students to gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.

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